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The Paper Moon Puppet Theatre utilizes many forms of puppetry in its productions, sometimes combining two or more

types of puppets.  The marionette, hand and shadow puppet has been the mainstay of the productions until recently when

rod puppets were added to the repertoire. Each story we choose to present suggests its own style and point of view and

we try to visualize each production with a different visual style of puppet 

Below are some of the  types of puppets we have used:










Oberon from A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                      Witch  from  Snow White                                                       Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Papageno  and Monostatos and creatures from The Magic Flute






To borrow a phrase from Shakespeare, puppets are the “abstract chroniclers of the time.”

They are interpreters of fantasy and dreams.  The idea that an inanimate object, moved through space by the power of human

hands, can incite the deepest emotions in an audience has been a constant source of wonder and  enjoyment to me. I  deeply appreciate

                                                                        the response that people of all ages have to the puppet shows.  There seems to have developed a misperception lately that puppets are

merely for the very young.  This idea tends to diminish the value of an ancient, noble and timeless art form and  reduces puppetry

                                                                        almost to level of babysitting. It is my hope that we offer audiences of children and grown-ups alike more than that.


James Racioppi












Camels from “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”










James Racioppi  - Artistic Director


James brings more than 40 years experience in all forms of theatre to his duties as artistic director of Paper moon. 

He has directed, acted and designed for the theatre in many venues. He was graduated from the Cooper Union’s

fine arts program and has performed among other venues as a puppeteer and puppet designer for the Captain Kangaroo

television show at CBS, the Pixanne television show  on Metromedia Channel Five, Off Broadway  with Wayland Flowers,

and has worked on many forms of puppet films including stop-motion films during his career.









John McAllister – Administrative Director


John was graduated from The Mary Washington University in Delaware and embarked on an early career in retail management

where he performed as manager for many of the larger clothing stores.  John took time off to work in the Home Health Care field

while he investigated other fields of endeavor in which he could use more of his creative energies.  He discovered that outlet with

his founding of Mudflower Jewelry, his own line of couture jewelry which almost instantly won him a following as well as several

first place awards at several juried art shows.








Tyler Mizglewski – Lead Puppeteer


By day, Tyler, our senior puppeteer, has been puppeteering on and off here for the past 10 years utilizing all forms of puppets: Shadow,

Rod, Hand and Marionettes.  and has built puppets for Paper Moon.  Notably, Tyler has performed in “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Jungle Book,”

“Peter and the Wolf,” “Puss in Boots” and “The Wizard of Oz.”  By night he is a laboratory scientist of Jersey Shore University Medical Center,

helping to save lives for three years and counting.  Tyler keeps acting and music close to his heart despite being a man of science. He’s excited to

be acting with us again in our production of “The Nutcracker.”