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The Paper Moon Puppet Theatre  opened in Monmouth County NJ in 1989 and continues through the present day.  The theatre with its productions of fairy tales, folk tales and fables was founded with the help of members of the staff of The “Puppetworks Puppet Theatre” of Brooklyn NY., Nicholas Coppola and Terry Alan Smith who provided invaluable guidance to our artistic director in the mounting of a children’s marionette theatre.  During the following years The Paper Moon Puppet Theatre has entertained groups of children from ages 2 years and up.  The theatre draws its audience from school groups, camps and day care centers throughout central New Jersey.

Paper Moon maintains a repertory of 14 shows which rotate once every three years to accommodate new groups of youngsters. Meanwhile, new shows are always being added to the repertoire. Housed at the First Avenue Playhouse the puppet theatre is spacious and comfortable and can accommodate up to 100 guests easily. Birthday parties are a regular feature of the theatre and Paper Moon tours to schools and other public venues with four touring productions.  We regularly offer puppetry workshops for children and are planning another in 2016.



Some of the school groups that have visited us have gone on to develop their own puppetry shows and return to us for mentoring and troubleshooting sessions which we are happy to provide. Below are some samples of children’s work:




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Paper Moon Puppet Theatre recognizes the vital role the arts play in a child's education.  Our partnership with School Matters LLC will ensure that our programs align with the Common Core Curriculum Standards.


We understand the importance of targeting literacy in all content areas.  The focus of our approach is to give elementary school children art and literacy experiences that will build skills from which they can draw upon across the curriculum.

Puppets strengthen comprehension, creative thinking, and numerous literacy skills, such as:


·      Listening

·      Writing

·      Reading

·      Speaking

·      Sequential thinking

·      Critical thinking

·      Problem solving

·      Viewing and Media literacy


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James Racioppi: (Artistic - Stage Director ) has been creating puppets and scenery and performing with puppets for over 40 years.  His work has been featured on The Captain Kangaroo show on CBS, in feature films, and on the Off-Broadway stage.  He has been an actor and performer with his puppets on stage on television and in films for many years. His work has been featured on the Captain Kangaroo show and the Pixanne TV show . He designed puppets for and performed in "Kumquats" with Wayland Flowers and Madame at the Village Gate.  A Fine Arts major at Cooper Union, Jim has worked in all media including animated films and illustration.


John McAllister: (Administrative Director/Public Relations for Paper Moon)  wears many hats at the theatre.  After acquiring a BA in Art History John became an  expert in public relations after taking a wrong turn one day into retail sales where he dealt with disgruntled customers for many years as an exhausted store manager for such noble clothing enterprises as Ann Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger and Coldwater Creek  Along the way John taught himself jewelry design, glass fusing, pottery design, floral design and puppetry  and in addition to running the theatre jumps in on occasion to save a puppet show.  His ability to make his own whatever catches his fancy has made him an indispensible part of Paper Moon.




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